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Bunny Burrows

Bunnies can also be minded off site through our Bunny Burrows network.


Bunny Burrows is a network of bunny savvy carers who care for the bunnies in their own homes. This brings you the added advantage of less travelling time by finding a boarding service closer to you.


We recommend that you contact the carers directly to arrange a visit prior to appointment to inspect their accomodations.


What to look for:

  • Rabbits should be housed indoors

  • Rabbits must have designated exercise areas

  • Rabbits should have a litter and hay tray area

  • Rabbits should have blankets/carpet or soft ground

  • Rabbits should have a variety of greens every day and unlimited access to hay

  • Rabbit area should be temperature control and protected from mosquitos and predators

  • Rabbit should be separated from other animals within the home


If you would like to join our Bunny Burrows network to assist us to mind the bunnies, please call us on (03) 9751 1229 or email us.



List of Bunny Burrow Carers

Funny Looking Rabbit (FLR) Holiday Boarding is situated in Melton, Victoria.


FLR Holiday Boarding aims to provide an indoor home styled boarding experience for rabbits on holidays. Modeled on a Bed & Breakfast formula with all the comforts of home for the discerning rabbit. Inspections welcomed by appointment.



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