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Bunny Dating Service

Not all bunnies like each other, so we offer a free bunny dating service to find the right companion bunny for your bunny. If your bunny is particularly hard to bond, we can keep them overnight.


​​Where do we find a companion bunny?


We have a registered charity called Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage, where we have many lovable single bunnies and couples ready for adoption or fostering now.
Each year many bunnies are abandoned or surrendered to animal shelters. Those abandoned do not survive in the wild. While the animal shelters do what they can, regulations restrict them to keeping just a small number of animals for a short time. The sad fact is that there are too many bunnies for the capacity of the shelters and many healthy, lovable and friendly bunnies are euthanised, many do not even reach their first year.
If you are considering a companion bunny for your rabbit, a bunny date can be organised. If you are a new bunny owner, we can assist you with bunny information and care.
The bunnies are vaccinated, desexed, well on the way to being litter trained, and loving and affectionate. They would all make great indoor pets.
If you are interested in adoption and/or seeking a companion bunny for your rabbit, please visit our charity Rabbit Runaway Orphanage or call Judi or Bryce


(03) 9751 1229

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