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Bunny Talk Education Program

Rabbit Run’s Bunny Talk Program introduces concepts of animal welfare by teaching responsible pet ownership specifically for rabbits.


These concepts include appropriate rabbit care, diet, housing and handling and are delivered by trained presenters using a range of props and fun activities.


The program also includes an opportunity for students to interact with our orphaned rabbits who come from our charity affiliate, Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage.





The program has been developed to cater for students in kindergarten/crèche as well as foundation through to grade 6.


The program is split into three tiers:

Tier 1 caters for students in kindergarten or crèche.

Tier 2 caters for students in foundation through to grade 2.

Tier 3 caters for students in grade 3 through to 6.


This allows us to deliver sessions that are both age appropriate and educational.





The program costs $15.00 per head for one hour, and $10.00 per head per each additional hour.


We allow a minimum of 25 to 50 students per session to ensure we can adequately provide an educational and rewarding experience to each individual student.


These costs cover transportation and setting up, handling of animals as well as packing up after the program.



At the end of the session, each student will receive a participation award to say they have completed Rabbit Run’s Bunny Talk program on rabbit and animal welfare.



Linking to the Australian Curriculum


This program is designed to support the Science Learning Outcomes of the AusVELS curriculum:


  • Biological Science

    • Children will understand the rabbit's distinctive external features as well as explore and investigate the biological features that are associated with rabbit health.


  • Natural & Development of Science

    • Children will observe and investigate rabbit behaviour.


  • Physical Science

    • Children will explore the and investigate rabbit behaviour, and understand the prey nature behind rabbits.


  • Use & Influence of Science

    • Children will brainstorm ways to promote responsible animal welfare amongst their peers, discuss further issues pertaining to rabbits within Australian society, particularly regarding responsible pet ownership, and how they have the ability to make a difference regarding animal welfare within their community.


  • Communication

    • Children will participate in oral group discussions that will promote thought-provoking questions and encourage meta-cognitive thinking.

    • Children will be involved in fun and educational activities that involve inter-personal interaction as well as direct animal interaction.

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