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Views and Values
We supports the view that all sentient creatures have intrinsic value within their own lives, and rabbits have the right to live a fufilled and happy life on this earth as one of nature's creatures. We advocate that rabbits are indoor pets as they are prey animals, yet not a predator to any other creature.

Humans the most intelligent species on the earth, have an obligation to protect and care for animals entrusted to their care. No animal should be purchased unless the buyer can provide a safe and happy environment for the animal and can afford veterinary care. Neither is it in the animals best interest to be purchased as a gift for someone else, including children, who may not know how, or want to take on the responsibility of long term care for an animal.
We do not support industries or legislation that :
- Results in unbearable pain and suffering to any animal.
- Abuses and causes distress and pain to animals in favour of human needs.
- Breeds animals for profit with disregard for their welfare.
- Sells animals without providing the correct information about their care to new owners.

We are repulsed by the meat rabbit industry, who use the most gently and intelligent NZ and Californain White rabbits, which are breed to be subjected to a disgraceful and cruel existence until they are slaughtered very young. We are ashamed that the most feared predator to rabbits are humans, and that humans, could develop such a cruel animal control method such as the myxomatosis virus, to inflict on nature's creatures and not allow a vaccination to be available in Australia for pet rabbits.
We are committed to providing information to encourage responsible bunny ownership, due to the large number of young rabbits which are mistreated or die, due to neglect or ignorance about their care, or end up in shelters, many of which are euthanised so early in their lives.
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