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Rabbit Run is very experienced with special needs buns and pre- and post-surgery recovery.


We provide a range of specialist minding services under veterinary advice such as:

  • administering medications

  • administering injections

  • administering sub-cutaneous fluids

  • feeding critical care

  • cleaning wounds, abcesses, eyes, and any other post-surgery recovery

  • disabled and paralysed rabbit care

  • floppy bunny syndrome

  • head tilt care

  • special facilities to accommodate specific conditions


Please refer to Price List for the cost of minding your Special Need Bun(s).



Rabbits with special needs or health issues require specialised care. It is important to seek advice from a bunny savvy vet and that your rabbit receives appropriate care from knowledgable and experienced carers acting under veterinary instruction.

Special Needs Buns

Lucy Lou is a silent little fighter and has overcome some difficult health issues and now lives a happy and stable life with her friend Darwin. Soon after her arrival her condition progressed to head-tilt. She rolled for 4 weeks and had to be support fed and hydrated as she could not balance herself. She has never lost her appetite and would let us know when she wanted food by lifting her little head up towards us. Bunnies can live happily with head-tilt as long as they can eat and drink and support themselves (even if they look tilted to us). They adjust to seeing the world this way.


Darwin came from a severe case of neglect. A forgotten backyard bunny who became nothing more than something for the kids to show to their friends. He once had a friend who passed away before his rescue. When he came into the orphanage’s care Darwin’s fur was matted with faeces, he had fluid and pus coming from his eye, couldn’t hop properly due to severe arthritis and mentally he was depressed and sat in the corner of his enclosure with his head down. Darwin has now received adequate veterinary care and medication and he is  stable and happy within himself. He has permanent damage to his spine through being caged for years, however this is managed with medication. He has found love with his Lucy Lou!


They are a match made in heaven and are inseparable

VIB Profile:

Lucy Lou & Darwin

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